Yoga & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Total Relief for Body & Mind

~ Are your thoughts about the future or the past overwhelming you?

~ Do you feel stuck in a pattern of overthinking, overanalysing and obsessing?

~ Do you often experience lightheadedness, heart palpitations, sleeplessness, restlessness, profuse sweating and shaking?

This program is for you if you want to learn to take control of your thoughts so that you can reduce the process of worrying and obsessive thinking. 

~ Change the habits that keep you repeating the same anxious pattern 

~ Calm your racing thoughts

~ Improve your body’s reaction to stress so that you feel less physical anxiety towards yourself

~ Improve communication with others

~ Discover how to be guided by your inner wisdom instead of being ruled by anxiety

The goal of CBT is to help people rework the way that they think so to change problematic thought patterns into more productive ones. Yoga and Meditation help you bring balance to your nervous system and glandular system to improve your control over bodily sensation and brain function.  As a result you can replace the content of a negative thought with a new thought and learn to change your how you feel through basic techniques. 

By completing this program you will:

~ Week 1: Establish a daily practice

~ Week 2: Learn to work with anxiety and panic

~ Week 3: Learn to work with worry

~Week 4: Find your Real Value

~Week 5: Strengthen Communication with Loved ones

~ Week 6: Developing your Power

As Part of this 6-week Program you will receive:

~ 1 weekly 90-minute class,

~ 6 guiding principles for dealing with anxiety, worry, panic and fear,

~ Weekly yoga and meditation practices & daily living practices

~ A weekly log practice

~ recorded video classes that you can watch in your own time


~ 1 Complementary 30-minute One- On- One support call, 

~ Ask me any questions through messages/email/voice notes throughout the duration of the program, 


Starts on Tuesday June 9th

Each class is 90-minutes long.

All classes are pre-recorded.

Investment & Registration:

The investment for this course is 150 USD

* I offer special discounted rates in response to economic constraints.

Please email me to explain your circumstances and ask for a discount.