Project Description

Imagine a sea filled with plastic garbage. You love the sea and want to see it clean. But you kill the ocean and animal life with all this garbage. The subconscious acts in a similar way. Swimming in your subconscious you will find the dirt of not only this life but lives and lives before. It’s like layers. The deeper you go the more you will find ancestors, collective beliefs and so on. It is like soil. You have layers, easy to get rid of the surface, but under it are rocks, oil, gas and so forth.

When the sub-conscious pollution reaches too high, the impulse from the soul is difficult to hear. It is blocked, stuck, silenced.

Led by Shama Kaur from Egypt, this Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan Workshop, will give you an understanding of how the subconscious works and how Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Meditations work to clear the subconscious garbage.

This workshop is suitable for all levels and will allow you to tap into old memories and release them consciously.