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“Kundalini Yoga is the science to unite the finite with Infinity, and it’s the art to experience Infinity in the finite.” -Yogi Bhajan
  • Can you feel blocks standing in the way of becoming your greatest Self?
  • Do you feel blocks stopping you from fulfilling your biggest dreams?
  • Do you want to learn effective tools to help you synchronize with the laws of the universe and flow with its rhythm?
  • Do you want to learn the art of non-attachement so you can let go and trust that all happens when the time is right?

This is a Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan workshop that combines kriyas, meditations, celestial communication, sound, movement & chanting therapy to balance your mind and open your heart to trust in the unknown so you can move with the rhythm of life with ease & flow.

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I absolutely loved every second of kundalini yoga with Shama , especially learning the three master Kriyas and the private session we did was catered specifically to my needs. I love her YouTube videos and her music playlists. What a Phenomenal lady ! I can’t wait to work with her again