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  • Do you long for peace and genuine happiness?
  • Do you wish to live your life free from shadows of the past?
  • Are you ready to release the weight you’re carrying and open your heart?

For most people, the answer to all of these questions would likely be a resounding “Yes!”

But, the bonds that tie you to your past, create walls that holds you back from the depths of your Excellence. When the memory of a past “failure” haunts, it happens because your ego grabs it and uses it as constant reminder which causes you to create self sabotaging thoughts, limiting beliefs and feelings of “I am not good enough”. When  the grip of the ego remains so strong pulling you back in the past, it cuts you off from the power of your inner beauty and light.

In this workshop, you will expereince the clearing of the energetic ties that bind you to the past. You will practice kundalini kriyas, breath-work and meditations that will strengthen your relationship with your True self; that part of you that is beyond titles, status, gender, success or failure, body shape or weight. Doing this practice will help clear your subconscious from the pattern of self-judgment, shame, guilt, and feeling of inadequate so that you can open your heart making space for a self-acceptance, forgiveness and deep healing. All women are welcome to this workshop without prior experience.

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I absolutely loved every second of kundalini yoga with Shama , especially learning the three master Kriyas and the private session we did was catered specifically to my needs. I love her YouTube videos and her music playlists. What a Phenomenal lady ! I can’t wait to work with her again