Project Description

  • Do you long for peace and genuine happiness?
  • Do you wish to live your life free from shadows of the past?
  • Are you ready to release the weight you’re carrying and open your heart?

This workshop is designed to help women clear the energetic ties that bind her to pervious romantic partners. When these bonds are strong they cut her off from her own truth and trap her in the small self. Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and meditations offered will help her clear auric imprints and clear the subconscious to create space for a self-love, forgiveness and deep healing. The practices will expand your electromagnetic field (also known as your aura) so that you are surrounded with a white light that will protect you and attract high frequency connections in the present and future.

Tools & Techniques offered for:
– Clearing the Energetic imprints of the Aura
– Managing Obsessive Thoughts
– Healing a Broken Heart
– Breathwork for Healing, upliftment
– Removing Haunting Thoughts

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I absolutely loved every second of kundalini yoga with Shama , especially learning the three master Kriyas and the private session we did was catered specifically to my needs. I love her YouTube videos and her music playlists. What a Phenomenal lady ! I can’t wait to work with her again