When you feel that the external demands on you are greater than your inner capacity to respond and give back to the world, you enter into a state of anxiety and depression.  You may also feel numb and insensitive to your our self, and when you can not feel your own self, this leads to inner anger and isolation from the soul.

 In this workshop, Shama Kaur takes you on an inner journey to reconnect with your spirit and your source of strength so you can receive the inner guidance you need to move you forward in life. The first day focuses on anxiety and the second day on depression. 

Through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan you can expect an experience that will elevate you, bring you a state of inner healing and joy. You will experience Kundalini kriyas, meditations, mantras, powerful purifying breath techniques and deep relaxation. 

You will be given two tools to help you overcome the state of depression and anxiety so you can excel in your daily life through the connection to your spirit. 

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