“To feel horny is not a sin or wrong, but if one knows how to invoke the meditative mind, which raises the energy up, one can become totally creative. Horniness on the physical plane can manifest as sexual intercourse; on a subtler plane it can manifest as creativity. It is the same energy, used differently in different body centers”.  – Yogi Bhajan

From a very young age, in most parts of the world and especially in the Arab world we have been taught that sex is taboo, a topic not to be discussed in public or even in private. The word sex if often heard in reference to sin, lust, adultery, bad and wrong.

I still remember the first time I was caught in the act of discovering my female genital parts at the age 8 or 9 years of age. My mother told me off and made me promise never to do that again. I felt scared, confused and ashamed of my body.

Later in my teen years, I felt a strong pull, an attraction, and a need for sexual interaction and release but I was afraid to talk about it, because I thought it was shameful, wrong and against religion. Much later as I teach workshops on this subject, I discover that many woman have the same needs yet are too afraid to speak up.

As women of the Aquarian age, it is our duty towards our children, sisters and friends to understand why we have been blessed with the gift of sexual energy and to heal our relationship with our own sexuality. It is our responsibility to clear our sub-conscious from the stories we have been told about our bodies and sexual appetites and to create a new map paving the way for our sexuality to serve us in the present and in the future.

Yogi Bhajan often taught women how to embrace our sexuality without guilt or shame. He offered kriyas, meditations, food and lifestyle tips to help transform sexual energy into creative energy. Most importantly, as yogis we learn to move beyond dualistic thinking which judges something as bad/good, right/wrong, and to harness the power sexual energy to support us on our spiritual journey.

Sexual energy is not just having intercourse with a woman or with a man, sexual energy is the total creativity of human thought form in its conscious, subconscious or unconscious it’s a very deep source of growth; it is either a conquering attitude or it’s a release or it keeps the relationship going or we produce new babies with it.- May 22, 1990

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