I love Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on the art of being a woman in the Aquarian age. For six weeks every year throughout the 80s and 90s, Yogi Bhajan dedicated his time to teaching women because we wanted them to be strong, since he believed that; “when a woman falls, generations fall; when a man falls, an individual falls”.

Growing up as a young woman in Cairo, I remember that I was very much concerned with my appearance, quite often comparing my outfit, body, style, make-up, hair-due, with my friends, cousins, celebrities and strangers. I felt as though I was competing against others, in a race to win, to stand out, to become recognized, sought after, admired and wanted. I felt good enough when I received a compliment on my body, my way of dress or when a man called me hot and sexy. I felt bad, ashamed, embarrassed and unworthy when I was called ugly, fat or told to lose weight.

Through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga I have come to recognize that beauty is eternal, everlasting and from within. I have come to understand that my self worth can not be measured with external appearances and can only be measured by how much I love, value, appreciate, understand and care for my Self.

Nonetheless, as women, I feel that we have an underlying and subconscious need to be validated and reassured that we are worthy, that we are OK, that we are good enough.

Through conversations with my teachers, I came to understand that women are blessed with a huge gift and also an enormous challenge. Our gift is in our endurance, strength, stamina and capacity to carry a child for nine months, give birth, nurse and repeat it all over again. Our challenge is that we have a menstrual cycle, which makes us hormonal, constantly changing and shifting. This is why we can easily lose ourselves and look to others for reassurance, validation and security.

So what is a woman to do to stay in her Center throughout the shifts in time & space? How can she bring security to herself from within rather than looking for It from the outside?

“by setting her spirit in the centre of the orbit and by intuition, which creates a continuity of self through the changes….how? as usual, meditation with nabhi (navel center), breath and mantra” ~ Shiv Charan Singh -2017

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