Spring Rebirth for Every Soul 

Embrace Uncertainty: Trust the Unknown

~ Are your habits and mental stories making you feel stuck?

~ Do you feel constant fatigue and moodiness that hold you back from doing all that you love?

~ Do you want to find ways to make BIG shifts in your career, relationship or environment ?

This program is for you if you want to release old habits and let go of old beliefs, goals, dreams and ideas that you once had about yourself, so that you can make BIG shifts in your life that require full trust in the unknown.

~ You may feel trapped by emotions like guilt and fear that make you feel stuck.

~ You may feel frustrated for repeating old patterns, habits and stories.

~ You may feel frequent mood and energy swings that make it difficult to be consistent.

This program will help you identify demoting habits and cultivate promoting habits so that you can move through blocks that hold you back  from your Excellence. By cultivating courage, clarity, and confidence, this program will help you manifest your Greatness in all areas of your life – personal, career, relationships. 

My Personal Story 

Having been with my sister for the last 3 months in Sydney to welcome my niece into the world, I have learnt the importance of selfless service, family and flexibility even if my vision, life goals and dreams are being challenged, slowed down or redirected.

Having lived and worked in Egypt for the last 9 years, whilst travelling and teaching in many different countries, I have learnt to be the driver, the mover, the shaker and the one who initiates new things.

But, my biggest lesson of the winter of 2019, is that life is about balance. A balance between going and getting and letting things come. A balance between giving and receiving. A balance between moving and stopping. A balance between nurturing and being nurtured.

My experience has shown me that its time to make a big shift in my life, one that requires a lot of courage! One that drops the sense of “my-ness” and creates space for the Creator to direct me in new ways that I could have never imagined.

I feel inspired to offer this program to help you expand your horizons of who you thought you were and give you tools and practices for soaring out of your comfort zone. This will support you to make a BIG SHIFT in your life, with a renewed perspective so you can ultimately co-create with the Creator something that you never imagined could be created.

By completing this program you will:

~ Identify unhealthy physical, mental and emotional habits,

~ Create new healthy habits to support your Greatness, 

~ Break down the old identity, expectation, standard or role that you once had of yourself,  

~ Cultivate the courage, confidence and clarity to do what you always knew you wanted to do,

~ Cultivate a sense of trust in the Unknown,

As Part of this 8-week Program you will receive:

~ 1 weekly 90-minute class,

~ Post- class homework to enhance relationship skills, 

~ Post- class kriyas and meditations for your own use, 

~ Access to videos to watch/practice in your own time for a life time!


~ 1 Complementary 30-minute One- On- One support call, 

~ Ask me any questions through messages/email/voice notes throughout the duration of the program, 


Each class is 90-minutes long.

All classes are pre-recorded.

Investment & Registration:

The investment for this course is 120 USD by March 25th

Or 150 USD after March 25th!

* I offer special discounted rates in response to economic constraints.

Please email me to explain your circumstances and ask for a discount.