One World, Many Cultures, No Borders Rewards Program

We are committed to  doing our part in making this Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program more inclusive and accessible to people, who for whatever reason, have been denied access in a yoga teacher training programs resulting from social stigma, stereotypes, discrimination or financial constraints.

We recognise the multiple hurdles such as age, socio-economic status, gender or geography that can stand in the way of completing a Yoga Teacher Training Program.

That’s why we have established the One World, Many Cultures, No Borders Reward Program which both celebrates the uniqueness of the individual be it culture, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or geography and strives to dissolve the boarders through the recognition of Oneness.

We acknowledge a gross under-representation of resilient yet marginalised groups in the Kundalini Yoga community, but we are committed to changing this.

We believe one main key in making yoga accessible to all is by encouraging not only body diversity, but also diversity in cultures, race & ethnicity in teachers.

In order to eliminate some of the barriers around certification, we’ve developed an alternative investment scheme for prospective people who experienced exclusion owing to their gender, age or other characteristics and have a commitment to the journey of yoga.

One World, Many Cultures Rewards Program Investment

There are two types of reward opportunities available for an unlimited number of people. 

Please start the application process by filling out the application. Based on your responses, you will be offered one of the following possibilities. You will be required to pay $25 non-refundable deposit which goes towards your tuition fees.

Tier 1a: $380 if paid in full by January 31 2021

Tier 1b :$408 paid in full after January 31 2021

Tier 1 c:  Instalment Plan: $408 if paid in 6 instalments of $68, first payment on February 15, 2021

Tier 2a: $950 if paid in full by February 15, 2021

Tier 2b: $1,100 if paid in full  after February 15th 2021

Tier 2c: Instalment Plan $ 1,320 if paid in 6 instalments of $220 each, first payment on February 15, 2021

Application Criteria

One World, Many Cultures Rewards Program

What We're Looking For

✅ Nominated by your local Kundalini Yoga Teacher to join this program

✅ Have a consistent Kundalini Yoga practice of 1-2 times per week for 1 month or more

✅ Be able to attend all the dates of the training

✅ Be committed to teaching Kundalini Yoga after completing the training

✅  Complete the Scholarship Award Program Training Application

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