Yogi Bhajan often described humans as spirits living in this body and using this mind in order to have a human experience. As part of this human experience we eat, sleep, walk, run, watch movies, cook, work, dance, play, talk and engage in sexual intercourse.

From the human perspective we take part in actions that bring us pleasure and we avoid those that bring us pain or displeasure.

When it comes to sexual intercourse, many of us engage in it for the sake of pleasure or procreation. But seldom do we consider the spiritual and sacred possibilities that it can offer.

If you agree with Yogi Bhajan that we are spirits having a human experience, then when you are with your partner in the bedroom, you will start to relate to him/her as another soul. This means that you not only share the physical aspects of pleasure and sense stimulation, but you also experience each other’s souls and serve the soul of one another to come into manifestation.

When you approach sexual intercourse from a purely physical perspective, you will be primarily motivated by the hot, sexy, raw appearance of your partner, how they can arouse pleasure in you, and you look forward to the point of climax. If you feel shy, nervous or have a low self-esteem, your mind will start to think excessively and wonder what If I can’t…what if I am not good enough… what if I don’t…And the mental thoughts get in the way of the physical experience.

By contrast, when you approach sexual intercourse from a more spiritual perspective, you will focus your mind on the sensations arising in your body, you will pay attention to your breath and your partner’s, you can synchronise your breath with your partner’s, you start to speak with the intention of awakening the soul in your partner. The whole experience is completely transformed. Sex is no longer about what you gain from experience, but it becomes about what you can offer to your partner and how much you can awaken your five senses throughout the experience, feeling, sensing, breathing, tasting, touching, hearing together as a one vibration.

At the point of climax, Yogi Bhajan said that a women’s aura expands to contain the man, that the man an woman’s yin and yang energies merged as their aura blended, which allowed both souls to become one expanded consciousness with a profound connection to the cosmos. This sacred expansion gives both partners an opportunity to project their wildest dreams into the world; the mission that they so want to manifest here on planet earth.

Kundalini yoga offers many tools to practice sacred sex such as breath control, couples’ mediations and kriyas known as venus kriyas, exercises to cultivate trust, intimacy and self awareness, confidence in self and self love, body locks or bhandas to prolong duration of intercourse and rise the Kundalini energy up the spine, foods for potency and recuperation and many more!