In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th and Mother’s Day on March 21st, I am writing a piece about women, for women and with women, in Egypt, in the Middle East and around the world!

Throughout time women have been subjected to mental, emotional, physical and psychological abuse not only from strangers, bosses and co-workers but also from lovers, husbands, fathers and mothers. From domestic violence to sexual exploitation to verbal abuse and so on.

But in the last fifty years women have been rising up and raising their voices loud to call out what is inappropriate, unacceptable and disreputable.

In the work field, women are rising to the top, opening their own business, rising up the corporate ladder and getting appointed in top government positions. No longer do women accept the institution of marriage as a safety net for financial security and protection. They are now not only nurturers but also providers.

In relationships, women are leaving unhealthy relationships, regardless of society expectations. They are choosing to remain single rather than to be in a romantic relationship that lacks harmony and consciousness.

In the world of health and wellness, women are becoming healers, therapists, yoga teachers, coaches and trainers, with the mission empower others to find their true self, unravel their spirit of courage and become great contributors to the world.

The flip side of the big strides that women have made in the last century, is that many women feel unfulfilled. They experience a sense of lack, not enough, a big hole, a gap that needs to be filled.

Mistakenly, many women think the gap will be filled when prince charming enters their life. But look around you, how many men can you find in a yoga class? Or a wellness event?

The number of women who are approaching the fully conscious state already exceed that of men and will be growing even faster in years to come. Men may catch up but there will be a gap between the consciousness of men and women. So what can you do about it?

Filling the gap within your own self represents deeply connecting with your feminine nature.

While the masculine nature resists, manipulates, attacks, tries to grasp and posses, fights for control and so on.

The feminine nature surrenders, has trust in the unknown, is open to all possibilities, is non-judgemental, has the capacity to hold all things in the loving embrace of her own womb.

We invite you to make 2020 the year of embracing your feminine to balance your masculine qualities. We invite you to slow down, breathe, walk in nature, talk to your soul, create women’s circles, decorate your home, nurture your body, skin and loved ones, flow with the rhythm of life, let go of all that is hard and rigid and move into what is soft and yielding. Drop the plan and open yourself up to the unknown, with full trust that things will turn out great!

How can’t they?

After all, you are a WOMAN!

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