One of the greatest gifts of Kundalini Yoga is that it can make you very creative. With regular practice, the energy located at the base of your spine, known as Kundalini begins to rise filling you with insurmountable energy.

Some of the ways you can experience its release is when you have a constant flow of creative ideas, new ways to solve problems, novel ambitions and/or a high level of energy, enthusiasm and glow. I remember being filled to the brim with energy and thousands of possible ways to grow and expand my yoga center; YallaYoga.

I desperately wanted to open a second branch in a new location. I was so eager that I searched day and night for the right place, conducted site visits, sought partnerships with potential venues and had conversations with everyone I knew, hoping to find the right place, but all roads led to nothing.

I felt frustrated, disappointed and fatigued, having invested so much time, effort and money and in return for nothing. That was that moment when I realized that my ambition had taken hold of me.

My dream was driving me in the direction that I thought was best. But, I was not paying attention to the messages of the universe. I was not alert to the signals of my body which needed to rest and digest. I was not approaching the blockages that I was meeting with a sense of curiosity and wonder. Instead, I was getting frustrated, annoyed and angry for not getting what I wanted.

In life, there are ups and downs; there are mountains to climb and rivers to cross. When you come up against a block recognize that there are many ways to go through. Take the time to rest, pause, reassess, become still, slow down and relax so you can receive the information coming you way, which can steer you down a new direction.

Above all, enjoy the ride and move with the rhythm of life.

Yogi Bhajan ~ “ There is a way through every block”
Yogi Bhajan ~ “Vibrate the cosmos and they shall clear you path”

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