“Fear and love is a complicated statement you have made. Actually when you are born, the concept in the mother when she get pregnant she does not give you the fearlessness. That is the corruption on the part of every mother who conceives, nurtures and then controls you. Not only that, in your childhood, you do not have your capacity and your sanity to be real, you are given a absolutely fixed situation of fear. So what happens is that if you count all that, let us say up to 18 years old? You will have progressively seventy percent fear and thirty percent love. That’s the cause of all ill health, that’s the cause of all tragedies, that’s the cause of everything in the world and it is not yet being realized that this is one of the problem everybody has. How to get rid of fear? ” YB Quote Lecture March 24, 1990

Join Shama Kaur for this special 2-day intensive Kundalini Yoga workshop to dive into fear, to understand, release and transform it into a virture that can carry through towards your destiny.

Expect to activate your glandular system, strengthen your nervous system, clear your subincous from memories and balance your mind so you can act not react from a neutral space that is aligned with your higher self.

What To expect?
– Kundalini Yoga Release Fear & Relax
– Meditations Facing the Fear & Letting it Go
– Healing Gong Bath
– Mandala Creation