Consciousness in 7 Chakras

Your journey toward health and wholeness begins at your Chakras.

An uplifting journey with Kundalini yoga that safely and progressively moves the energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head through the 7 Chakras. You will learn the path of Kundalini Yoga and how, through awakening Kundalini Energy you can grow into your full potential. Each session aims to work in a particular Chakra to eliminate blockages in the physical and subtle body and balance energy for optimum emotional, physical health and well-being.

This practice can create profound internal shifts within your mindset and heal your body to align with the highest and purest version of Self. Through this uplifting and transformational Chakra Series, you will use tools of Kundalini Yoga, breathing work, mantra, meditation, and immerse in the healing sounds of the Gong.

For anyone who wants to clear emotional energy blocks and feel a greater inner strength, more fulfilment, and happiness within. Kundalini yoga is for everyone – there is no restriction on age, experience, body type or gender. Previous experience with Kundalini Yoga is not required.

Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher

“The secret of happiness is in your power to sacrifice and uplift others. Happiness is in giving, not in taking. God will give to you. Trust in the fact! Happiness is our birthright. There is no argument about it. Give your mind a chance.”  -Yogi Bhajan

Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Course Topics

  • 1st Chakra

  • 2nd Chakra

  • 3rd Chakra

  • 4th Chakra

  • 5th Chakra

  • 6th Chakra

  • 7th Chakra

What to Expect?

✨ Activate your Life Force Energy with

✨  Kundalini Yoga Kriyas

✨ Powerful Breath-work

✨ Deep Meditation

✨Sacred Mantra Sounds & Vibrations

✨ Deep Parasympathetic Relaxation

✨  Arts & Poetry

Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher

This Experience is for you IF you want to…

✨  Eradicate emotional blocks and break through negative patterns, 

✨   Open your energy centeers and channel creative energy

✨  Expands your own self-awareness to move beyond limiting beliefs

✨ Actualise your Higher Self  and transform your consciousness

✨  Create a stillness and calmness

✨ Attract abundance and deflect the stresses of the modern world

✨  Free the flow of Prana through the body and mind

✨ Invite healing, love and rejuvenation

Pre-Recoded Video Course Investment

  • ~ 87 $ for 7  masterclasses to access for a Lifetime

    ~ 247$ for a 40 Day Spiritual Journey Including:

    • 3 One2one coaching sessions LIVE on zoom / 60 minutes each
    • Self Reflection homework to help you integrate the changes the program will bring into your daily life
    • A 40 day practice – 1 consistent meditation of 11 minutes a day to help balance your life physically & mentally
    • 1 to 1 ongoing support – WhatsApp reach out support to check that you are on track!

    ~ Enter the discount code on the payment step if you have one.

    ~ Email ( for you discount code if you enrolled to one or more previous video courses!

What’s Included in Both Options?

  • 7 master classes of kundalini yoga, breath work, meditation & relaxation

  • All classes begin with a 20-minute lecture describing a specific topic related to the sun/moon

  • Classes are  90 minutes

  • VIDEO COURSE ONLY Package : This 7 class-video course provides you with access to Online access to watch the pre-recorded videos for a Lifetime.
  • 40-Day Spiritual Counselling Journey: This program includes LIFETIME access to all video content in addition to 3 one-to-one spiritual coaching sessions.

About Kundalini Yoga

Over 5000 years old and referred to as the Science of Awareness, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® is considered the most comprehensive of yoga traditions.

Kundalini Yoga combines dynamic movement, sound vibration, inward focus, meditation and conscious breathing to take you deeper into your authentic self, your truth. It is said to work faster than other schools of yoga.

Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous system and circulatory system, balances the endocrine system and releases tension in the muscular system.

With regular practice, Kundalini Yoga techniques can help to eradicate emotional blocks, break through negative patterns, expand lung capacity, strengthen muscles and nurture a deep sense of self-awareness. Kundalini Yoga can be practiced at any age or fitness level. No previous experience is needed.

 The practice expands your own self-awareness, allowing you to move beyond limiting beliefs and to tap into you higher consciousness.

  • Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher
  • Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher