Do you often feel?

~ Annoyed that you change your mind, mood and decisions quickly?

~ Frustrated that your communication is too harsh, sharp or abrasive?

~ Impatient to listen deeply to someone and are quick to interrupt and offer advice?

~ Drained that much of your time and energy goes to fixing, solving, achieving and perfecting things?

~ Addicted to running after and chasing things instead of waiting for things to come to you?

~  Irritated when you sit still and prefer to move around and get things done?

Imagine if you could...

  • Bring balance to your masculine and feminine energies.

  • Learn to refine your communication according to the energy of the other.

  • Enjoy moments of action and doing as much as moments of stillness and non-doing

  • Relish in your gift to have multiple views, moods and emotions.

  • Find inner stability and stillness that carry you through uncertainty and change.

Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher

About this Program

  • Experience the potent power of Kundalini Yoga Kriyas to Balance the Sun & Moon

  • Harness the gifts of the Masculine and Feminine

  • Receive weekly meditations to active the inner feminine

  • Gain confidence in your ability to switch from one energy to the other according to the situation

What's Included?

  • 8 Recorded master classes of kundalini yoga, breath work, meditation & relaxation

  • All classes begin with a 20-minute lecture describing a specific topic related to the sun/moon

  • Classes are are between 90-120 minutes

  • Online access to watch recorded video class for a lifetime

  • Weekly Topics: deep listening, speaking, receiving, giving, flexibility, structure, decisions, stillness and action


~ 97$ for 8 Recorded Masterclasses

~ 15% OFF for those who have completed at least one program with me before!

Email ( for you discount code!

This program is NOT for you, if...

❎ You are not familiar with the teachings of Kundalini Yoga

❎ You are not interested in practicing yoga postures, breath-work or meditations

❎ You are looking for a quick fix rather than committing a daily practice

❎ You are not interested in learning about how to optimize the health of your body via energy/prana

Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher