Are these 10 Golden Elements lacking in your Life?

Love ~ is feeling loved, in love and able to love unconditionally. 

Forgiveness ~ is letting go of past hurts and moving forward with acceptance.

Kindness ~ is caring for those who may not even care for you.

Compassion ~ is feeling the suffering of someone else as if it was your own.

Calmness ~ is pausing and sitting in stillness with awareness as life unfolds.

Courage ~ is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Fearlessness ~ is knowing what you fear and choosing to have no fear.

Trust ~ is the deep inner knowing that everything is happening the way it is meant to.

Contentment ~ is the continuous feeling of satisfaction that is derived from within you.

Humility ~ is recognising that “I” am not the doer; that all is done through me.

Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher


~ 20 $ per class

~ 150 $ for 10 masterclasses

~ 175 $ for group expereince

~ 25 $ for 10 downloadable video classes  & Ebook with lecture notes

About this Program

•  10 master classes of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

•  All classes begin with a 20-minute lecture describing each element, its gifts, challenges and how to invite into your life,

•  All class include a kriya, meditation,  breath-work or a celestial communications  for each element,

• Classes are are between 90-120 minutes

~ 10 Live Weekly Group Classes

~ Weekly group check in

~ Weekly homework

~ Personalised follow up on your progress

~ Whastppp group support & group engagement

~ Downloadable link to all classes for the duration of the course

~ E-book with class notes for the entire course


Listen to our beautiful student and Check how this course has helped her to connect with herself even beyond the body and mind. And also how it has a big role in improving her quality of life.