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Sat Naam!

I’m Shama Kaur. In Arabic ‘Shams’ means sun and ‘Sham3a’ means candle, put them together and my name means the one who shines the light of her inner soul.Originally from Egypt, I am a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Trainer. I am also a Health and Wellness Mentor.Since the age of 25, I have been pioneering in teaching Kundalini Yoga throughout the Middle East and North Africa.I have established an online yoga academy to support humans reach their excellence in all areas of life.I also support support women leaders in shifting relationship challenges, confusion, and negativity into confidence, purpose and emotional strength through online group programs and one to one coaching.

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Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher

She is not only a professional teacher who believes in what she teaches and teaches it from the heart guiding you through her knowledge , strength and experience to find ur way…but also a beautiful kind heart who goes out of her way to help and support you, encouraging you to move forward and connect with ur true self she has the capacity of giving unconditionally ..

For me you are a pure manifestation of the divine feminine energy …. I’m grateful our paths crossed 💚🌷

Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher

My teacher and inspiration! We were meant to meet, and through her I got to experience the Kundalini yoga and meditation. Her dedication to what she does is an inspiration to anyone! Sat Nam


I have attended many yoga classes, workshops and retreats with Shama. Shama is absolutely knowledgeable and mastering to the excellence the subjects she is talking about. Each class, workshop or lecture added a lot to my personal values and life experience. You will definitely will not be the same after being of her students.  I totally recommend Shama s classes to anyone who seeking to have a better, healthy and conscious life style


I absolutely love joining Shama’s retreats. She is such an inspirational teacher and she consistently motivates me to change my unhealthy habits. I was a coffee addict for years and I stopped coffee right after with retreat with her! I have been coffee free for almost one year! IG you go on the retreat, she will inspire you to make a BIG change, guaranteed!


I really enjoyed my experience on this retreat. I had never done Kundalini yoga before and I was quite nervous. Shama Kaur was very welcoming and she helped me understand how and why Kundalini yoga works even though there were other advanced practitioners on the retreat. I felt really welcomed and supported. If you are a beginner, don’t let that scare you 🙂


I usually don’t like to join group activities. I prefer solo travel but I was already in Bali and the title of Kundalini really caught my attention. I joined the retreat and I was really blown away by how much I learnt by being in the presence of others. Shama leads beautiful discussions that are inclusive, educational and fun. I felt safe in her presence, which gave me the chance to speak out about things I had never shared before.


There are so many yoga retreats all over Bali and I have been on many of them! What was super unique about this retreat was that there were so many cool activities during the experience. We had time for mandala creation, dance and even drama/acting, which helped us, express ourselves in new ways. It was super fun and a new experience and I would strongly recommend it.


I learnt a lot about myself on this retreat. Now I know why they call Kundalini Yoga the yoga of awareness. Even though I have been practicing yoga for 10 years, I reached depths of self- awareness that I had never reached before. Shama is an awesome teacher! She is very good at explaining things to everyone even beginners and novices!


I love Bali and really enjoyed the program of this retreat! I got the chance to practice Kundalini yoga, learn about really great topics that helped me in my life and I also really enjoyed that we had lots of free time to roam about the city to enjoy it sometimes alone, sometimes together. It was a great combo!


I absolutely loved the venue chosen for the retreat! I was a little concerned that they did not have vegan or gluten free meals but when I put in my request, the hotel staff accommodated me completely! I loved the food and the rooms, which really helped me, be comfortable with this new and awesome Kundalini experience!


This was one of the best experiences of my life! I had the chance to explore Bali with an awesome group of people! Shama is super friendly, knowledgeable and organized. I lost some weight thanks to the great detox and plenty of exercise.


Whao! Kundalini yoga is awesome! I felt so elevated and uplifted thanks to the practice. I connected with a part in me that I hadn’t connected with in years! And the best thing is that all of us really shared this elevated experience together! I would highly recommend working with Shama on one one basis or as part of a group!


I really enjoy the evening mediation and chanting sessions. I used to sing as a child but I hadn’t done so in years. Even though I felt shy, I really appreciated Shama’s encouragement and the group energy, which reconnected me back to my voice. I so much enjoyed the evening  chanting nights!


Shama is a really great being, a soul and a teacher. She is so kind and caring while also extremely knowledgeable and confrontational. She has the gift of confronting us about our issues in a way that is respectful and memorable. I truly transformed as a being, as a woman and as mother on this retreat. I highly recommend it!


I am honored to have taught in the following locations

Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Shama Kaur - Kundalini Yoga Teacher


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